Introduction of the Ryokuen-Toshi with photographs

The train named gRyokuen-Toshih has arrived.
The bodies of the cars of gRyokuen-Toshih are filled with delightful pictures painted by Mr. Ryohei Yanagihara. By the rapid train it takes 19 minutes from Yokohama to Ryokuen-Toshi.


The east side rotary of Ryokuen-Toshi Station viewed from a Station platform.


The East Exit of Ryokuen-Toshi Station

Busses leave for Totsuka and Higashi-totsuka from the East Exit.


Unique buildings near Ryokuen-Toshi Station

These buildings were designed by Mr. Riken Yamamoto.

concert hall

The Concert Hall

This hall is used for seminars, concerts and various other events and seats 114 people.

culture hall

Sotetsu Culture Hall

Many exhibitions of pictures, sculptures, photographs and so on are held here throughout the year.

community center

The Community Center of the Sun Stage Nishi-no-machi (West Town)

There are a couple of meeting rooms, Japanese-style rooms and a concert hall also.

community center

The Community Center of the Sun Stage Higashi-no-machi (East Town)

There are a refined lobby just like one in a hotel, a recording studio, library and a pottery practice room.

tennis courts

Tennis courts (1-chome)

There are four tennis courts at the low-lying ground alongside Sagami Railway which will turn into a receiving reservoir in case of a torrential rain. These tennis courts are Sagami Railwayfs welfare facility for employees and they are available also to the residents with charge. Ryokuen Tennis Club has a membership of 108 and people practice on Fridays and Saturdays.

ferris university

Ferris University

Ryokuen Campus was opened in April, 1988 and there are Faculty of Letters, Faculty of Global and Inter-Cultural Studies and College of Music. Some 1700 Japanese students together with about 40 foreign exchange students and foreign students at private expense are studying on Ryokuen campus.

entrance of sun stage

The Entrance of the Sun Stage Nishi-no-machi (4-chome)

Sun Stage Nishi-no-machi (West Town) is an area of the high-rise residential buildings. There are six buildings in Nishi-no-machi with 638 households.


April is the month of cherry blossoms.
The cherry blossoms along the Sun Stage Nishi-no-machi buildings are beautiful.

dogwoods bloom

In May dogwoods bloom beautifully.

four seasons walkway

Four Seasons Walkway fringed with bright verdure in June. In 1989 the Four Seasons Walkway (about one kilometer-long pedestriansf passage) was awarded gThe Third Yokohama Beautiful Town Scenery Award.h

four seasons walkway

Ryokuen-Toshifs tunnel was modeled after Radburn Tunnel which is the first tunnel ever built in a residential area for crossing with an overpass for cars.

sun stage

Sun Stage Higashi-no-machi (East Town)

a house

House 1

a house

House 2

a house

House 3

a house

House 4

a house

House 5

new tear worship

New Year's Worship

At midnight, exactly at the beginning of the New Yearfs Day, many residents visit Sanno Shrine (3-chome) wishing that the new year will be a happy one.

after new year's worship

After New Year's worshipping at the shrine people buy an arrow called gHamayah. This arrow is supposed to ward off demons throughout the new year.

may 5 is children's day

May 5 is Childrenfs Day.
People hoist streamers in the shape of carp wishing that their children will be healthy and strong just like carp which can swim up falls in rivers.

athletic meeting

The Athletic Meeting of the Residents

There are seven areas in Ryokuen-Toshi and each area organizes a team and competes in the annual athletic meeting. The meeting is planned so that all the attendants from children to grown-ups can enjoy themselves.

autumnal festival

The Autumnal Festival of Sanno Shrine

Children carry a portable shrine (Mikoshi) and stroll through the town. Also song and dance show and other fun events are held.

christmas illuminations

Christmas illuminations in Ryokuen-Toshi

Some houses are decorated beautifully at Christmas time.

christmas illuminations

Christmas illuminations at the Station plaza

noght view

A night view of Ryokuen-Toshi


When the air is clean (especially in December), we can enjoy the gorgeous view of Mt. Fuji.